What an unprecedented time: everyone is somehow staggered by the COVID-19 virus. But I am an entrepreneur, an artist; someone who will paint even harder and is now even more driven to make beautiful things than usual.


I love to color life with my art, because I can cheer myself and others up with it. A splash of colour can make all the difference for your home, mood and your family.


That is how we find ourselves here. I have put together an online gallery with a selection of my recent artworks. Fortunately there are again a number of art fairs in the agenda this autumn and we are moving to a beautiful new house in a rural area 25 minutes from Utrecht, where I will be more than challenged to paint!

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EXhibitions. ART FAirs.



Nationale Kunstdagen 2021

 www.kunstdagen,nl @ Beursfabriek Nieuwegein

Saturday November 6 (11.00-17.30 hrs) 

Sunday November 7 (11.00-17.30 hrs) 


ADAF 2020 - Annual Dutch Art Fair

 www.adaf.nl @ World Fashion Centrum Amsterdam

Sat. October 10 - Sun. October 11 (11.00-17.30 hrs) 

ART Eindhoven 2020

 www.arteindhoven.nl @ Klokgebouw Eindhoven

September 12 -13


ADAF 2019 - Annual Dutch Art Fair

 www.adaf.nl @ World Fashion Centrum Amsterdam

Atelierroute Blaricum @ deKunststudio Blaricum

Solo exposition Lobby @ Hilton Hotel Brussel

ART Eindhoven 2019

www.arteindhoven.nl @ Klokgebouw,Eindhoven.

Opening www.dekunststudio.nl @ Singel 17-i,Blaricum.


Blaricum raakt je! @ Noolseweg 1, Blaricum.

Kunst Battle Zeewolde @ Open Haven, Kerkplein 8 , Zeewolde

Atelierroute Blaricum @ Huizerweg 13, Blaricum. 

Kunst en Cultuur Markt @ De Krachtcentrale,Huizen.

 Solo Exposition @ Foyer Louis Hartlooper Complex, Utrecht.


Open bar for Art Lovers / Borrel voor Kunstliefhebbers

@ Restaurant Bruis,Blaricum.


about merel.


Meet Merel Feenstra, who decided to change her life as an event manager to listen more to her own voice and regain her creativity as an individual artist.

Theater de Meervaart, Amsterdam

What is important for organizing an international conference in Theater de Meervaart? Merel tells her experiences with organizing events, sustainability and what she thinks is typical for Theater "De Meervaart".


My name is Merel and I like to enrich life with color in my art, workshops and events. Besides my work as an artist I work since 2008 as an indepent interim eventmanager (www.interim-eventmanager.nl).


Since 2018 I started studying the part-time Art Academy in Groningen (https://klassiekeacademie.nl). Education there is at HBO level and is given by artists from the top segment of contemporary Dutch realism. Before that I studied two years (2006 and 2017) at the ‘Gooische Academie’ in Laren (https://gooiseacademie.nl). Since 2018 I also organize various small-scale creative workshops for example www.schilderen-in-drenthe.nl and for www.dekunststudio.nl  together with Mariette Bruinsma from www.jetpaintingaway.nl.


In all I do I try to see things from different angles so creativity arises. Creativity shows me the way when I make a work of art, but also when I cook, work in our garden, or organize a big business event.


With my paintings / drawings I would like to emphasize the beauty and grandeur of life and with my workshops create creative growth in the lives of others: everything becomes so much nicer if you use a daily dose of paint!   


Merel Feenstra, 2020.

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Are you interested in a work of art or a workshop, or do you have any questions please call
+31 (0)6-22987411, send an e-mail to
or fill in the contact form below. For workshops see also www.dekunststudio.nl en www.schilderen-in-drenthe.nl

Because of their move to a new house 25 minutes from Utrecht,

Merel will move into a new studio / art gallery location nearby Geldermalsen/Zaltbommel. 
More information follows later this year.




+31 06 22987411

(or send me a Whatsapp)

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